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Life at Tempo

Tempo Call Center’s philosophy of “Happy employees, happy customers” means that its qualified human resources are its greatest strength.

TEMPO’s Human Resources Management’s primary priority is the identification of personnel whose qualifications match the requirements of their position and the formation of long-term working relationships that contribute to the success of the company personnel. Tempo provides systematic career development that facilitates the development and efficiency of all of its employees and raises their competences to the highest level of proficiency.

TEMPO encourages its employees to adopt the values of team spirit, mutual respect, confidence, understanding and effective communication and provides a working environment that enables all of its employees to use and develop their talents and abilities.

All candidates for positions at TEMPO are expected:

  • To have strong communication skills and good diction and be able to express themselves very well,
  • Be self-confident, enthusiastic and decisive,
  • Be creative and able to think analytically,
  • Love teamwork and be a team player,
  • To be prepared to actively work to change and develop both themselves and the company in which they work.

Decisions related to the selection of candidates for positions at TEMPO are taken according to objective criteria and the deciding facture is the nature of the positions for which they are being considered and whether their abilities are compatible with the requirements of the posts.

The recruitment process starts with a detailed telephone interview, after which suitable candidates are invited to one-to-one interviews at our locations.

Once candidates have completed all of the necessary interviews and tests, those who are successful have their references checked and are offered positions.

TEMPO seeks to develop both the abilities and the personal and professional skills of its employees. All TEMPO employees undergo an orientation program to familiarize them with the company and its culture, and then undergo further training programs which have been designed according to the nature of the department and projects in which they will work. After they have started work, feedback from their superiors is used to provide employees with further training that will contribute to their development.

TEMPO has adopted the principle that, whenever it needs new positions, it looks first to fill them from within its existing workforce. The company encourages the participation of its employees in the processes that are initiated at specific times for all positions. When candidates have sucessfully completed the examinations, processes and interviews related to the posts for which they have applied, they then transfer to their new positions.

TEMPO has developed job descriptions, including the required qualifications and performance standards, for all of its employees and all performances are evaluated in an objective manner in an open and transparent manner using statistical data. Our aim is to use constructive and positive feedback to improve the performances of all of our employees and encourage them to improve and development themselves.

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