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Our Management Values

  • Happy Employees
  • Happy Customers
  • Happy Shareholders
  • Employees: Create an enjoyable working environment contributes to their career plans and personal evolution.
  • Customers: Contribute to their service quality and productivity via different approaches.
  • Shareholders: Ensure to maximize their benefits with enriching the economy and the community.
  • Freedom of Fears
  • Love
  • Dream
  • Trust
  • Sincere Communication

'QUALITY' means ensuring customer satisfaction and fulfilling their expectations in compliance with the contract requirements with high performance.

TEMPO commits to provide all resources for continuous improvement and development in order to fulfill objectives and contribute the benefits of employees, customers, shareholders and Turkey.

TEMPO has “ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems” certificate since 2010.

Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) is executed in a continuous improvement manner with participation of relevant parties to ensure high level of confidentiality, integrity and availability of our information assets in compliance with legislation and customer requirements. The objective of ISMS is to ensure the business continuity, data security and minimize security breaches and service loss.

TEMPO has “ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Systems” certificate since 2012.

Our call center services comply with EU standards in terms of management strategies, employees, infrastructure, processes, customer satisfaction, social responsibility and key performance indicators.

TEMPO closely monitors the loyalty and development of agents via key performance indicators (KPI) to ensure continuous improvement and efficiency of processes. TEMPO ensures customer satisfaction via customer feedback management and end user surveys.

TEMPO has “EN 15838 Customer Contact Centers Management Systems” certificate since 2014.

Customer complaints are evaluated in a precise manner and periodically reviewed with customer feedback management system audits. The system performance is monitored in order to maintain continuous improvement.

TEMPO has “ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management Systems” certificate since 2012.

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